Ganesh is the Lord of good fortune who provides prosperity,fortune, success and also one of the best known and loved deities in the Hindu pantheon of gods. He is the deity of beginnings and the remover of obstacles of both material and spiritual kinds. His image is found everywhere in many different forms and people believe that invoking Lord Ganesh before undertaking any task would lead them to success. He is worshipped by Hindus and Buddhists in Nepal. He is held to be the son of Shiva and Parvati. The statues of Ganesh are spread all across Indonesia, India, Nepal, Tibet, and Southeast Asia. The name Ganesha was given by Shiva. He is depicted with the body of man and the head of an elephant having only one tusk, the other tusk appears to be broken. His unique attributes besides the elephant head is the large belly practically falling over his lower garment. Because of his attributes he is widely revered by almost all castes. Ganesha rides on a mouse which is white in color. He is four-armed, in the two right hands he carries a trisula and laddu i.e. sweetball and in the two left hands a parasu i.e. axe and a radish.

Once Kumara challenged him to circumambulate the world and the winner prize was to be worshipped by the people first. Kumara travelled the world with his vehicle peacock several times. Ganesh then thinking that he would not be able to complete with his tiny vehicle mouse came out with different idea. He began to circumambulate around the Lord Shiva and Parvati thrice. When they asked the reason for that, he replied that the world was not greater than his parents and circumambulating them. On hearing the wise answer of his son, Lord Shiva and Parvati blessed him that he should be the first deity to be worshipped before any ritual ceremony or propitious occasion.

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