hangrib handicraft



Nepal is a small country which is rich in handicrafts. There are lots of different handicrafts in Nepal such as silver craft, wood craft, ceramics, metal craft and many more. As one of the major handicrafts of Nepal, metal crafts are produced totally by hand with traditional techniques. The city of Patan is the center of metal craft. Most of these craft traditions are prominent display around the Patan. Metal statues are mainly of Buddhist Gods in Tibetan style, although there are Newari style of Buddhist and Hindu images. They are created either for the trade as well as for religious purposes. Statues are made of metals like copper with partly gold and full gold. Metal statues are made with the process as, first a wax model is created, the shapes are hallow and typically do not contain a clay core while they are being formed, once the wax image is finished then a clay mold is built around it in layers starting with a fine, grained mixture of cow dung and clay and it is fired in high heat, then the wax is poured out through a small opening and replaced by copper. This is allowed to set after that the hardened mold is broken to reveal the metal figure and finally refining tools and paint are used to produce fine statues. Because copper are very hard to work with it is necessary to mix atleast 8-12 percent of softer metals such as brass and zinc.
Though we are promoting our art as business, we have not received any assistance from concerned authorities, we cannot carry every statue while traveling abroad to give more choices to our clients. We have been taking samples of our product and showing them to our client. But this way in long term sustaining our business is impossible.

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