Patan has many religious sites among which Mahaboudha is one of them. It is located at the south of Patan Durbar Square in the place named Okhubahal. It is the Buddhist temple made from thousands of clay bricks engraved with breathtaking religious carvings. Built in the Indian shikhara style. This temple is one of several attractions of culture. It is the masterpiece of brick and tile, reveals an art and tradition. Mahaboudha was built by a priest named Abhaya Raj of Patan. Because of the earthquake in 2015the temple had some mild damage and still renovation is going on. The temple is sometimes called the temple of 9000 Buddhas because every single brick depicts a small Buddha images.

In the corner of the courtyard a smaller shrine to Mayadevi, the buddha’s mother has been constructed. The surrounding lanes of the temple is full of shops selling high quality Patan style metal statues. The temple is designed in commemoration to the original temple in India called Bodhgaya where Buddha obtained enlightenment. Mahaboudha is a peaceful place to visit, you can light a butter lamp and pray for your well-being. This temple is a great pilgrim for the Buddhist practitioners. Buddhists from all over the world comes to worship the Buddha and feel eternal peace and satisfaction.

On the ground floor of the temple the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha displaying earth touching gesture is established. And on the first floor Amitabha Tathagata is installed. Similarly, on third, fourth and fifth floor Panchajinalaya Swayambhu Chaitya, Dharmadhatu Mandala, Vajradhatu Mandala and Suryaniranjan Chaitya are established respectively. This temple is may be the best and first temple which has been built up of terracotta in the country. But sadly, since the shrine is placed in a small courtyard that hardly has enough open space it is unable to view the peak of the temple unless you climb the adjoining house. The architecture of the temple is still one of the living arts of Nepal. The entry fee for foreigners is Rs.50 and opening hours is 9 am to5:30pm.

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