samay baji

Samay Baji


Love of Samay Baji | Newar community indulging in the cuisine

Newar community is one of the dominant ethnic group of Nepal, they are two third of indigenous group that belongs to the Kathmandu valley. The Newars are rich in culture and religion and the best example for that are the numerous jatras, pujas and social ceremonies that manage to conduct even in todays’s fast life. Some of the festivals and ceremonies conducted by the Newar people are : Ihi (Bel-Bibaha; pre-adolescent girls are married to the bael fruit (wood apple), Mha Puja (self worship; on this day people worship themselves), Rato Machhindranath Jatra (longest celebrated jatra and it is dedicated to the valley’s rain god).

On talking this festivals we should not forget about the food that brings whole Newar community together and celebrate those festivals with full hearted- laugh out. Newar community has always been fond of their food culture, as a result we could see lots of local food vendor across many corners of Kathmandu valley selling Newari cuisines. Samay Baji is one of such cuisine in their community that they are consumed in every great and important occasion.

Samay Baji is the modern and hygienic setting along with generous cordiality has been serving people with Newari delicacies. This is one a tradition Newari dishes in Nepal that is prepared during festivals. Typically it is served at Newai festivals and celebrations as offering to the god. After the food has been blessed, it is served to people to eat. The components represent good luck, wealth, and health.

Typically it consists of a variety of baji (beaten-rice), chhoela (smoked meat), haku- musya (black soyabean), aalu ko achar (marinated potato pickle), saag (green leaves), fried-bhatmas (soyabean), bodi ( boiled black eyed beans), wo or bara ( black lentil pancake), lava-palu (ginger garlic), eggs and aaila (Newari liquor).

beaten rice baji
Beaten Rice
wo bara

Wo (Lentil Patties)
Aaila newari liquor
Aaila Newari liquor

Along with this hot-spicy delicacy Newari community also love to add other food item on their plates that would full their appetite such as Sel-roti, yamari, sekuwa, sukuti, chatamari etc. This cuisine has really holding a greater history of Newar community and has brought many happy faces together and make their celebration much more joyful and memory-ful.  

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