Shakyamuni Buddha


Siddhartha as a personal name of Buddha was born more than 2500 years ago in Lumbini near Kapilavastu. He was the prince of the Shakya kingdom.  He learned of the deep suffering experienced in life by people when he was about 29 years old. So he left his palace life giving up his fine garments and jewellery in order to find the cause of this suffering and the means to overcome it.

Shakyamuni Buddha

After about six years of hardship, practicing and deep meditation he finally realized his goal and had become an enlightened one, a Buddha. His astonishing courage, determination, wisdom and compassion led to his enlightenment despite seemingly insuperable obstacles. Shakyamuni is the founder of Buddhism. And accounts of his life, discourses, and monastic rules were summarized after his death and retained by his followers.

As Siddhartha was approaching his enlightenment while meditating, a devil named Mara tried to disturb and confuse him. Dzambhala appeared in front of him and protected him and in the end Mara was defeated. He remained silent for seven weeks as seeing that what he had achieved was not possible to communicate directly. He gave his first discourse in Deer park which is known as the first turning of the wheel of dharma. In which he taught the four noble truths, the interdependent nature, and the law of karma. The second wheel of dharma was turned at Vulture Peak Mountain in which he taught the nature of all phenomena as being emptiness and selflessness. In third turning of the wheel of dharma he taught a variety of subjects including the notion that all living beings possess tathagata-garbha.


Left hand of the Buddha lies in his lap with the palm upward in the gesture of meditation (Dhyana Mudra). And in some representations he also holds the begging bowl of an ordained Buddhist monk. The bowl contains three precious nectars specifying that he has conquered the three demons of uncontrolled death, contaminated aggregates and delusion.

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