Vajrayogini is a Hindu goddess of knowledge and wisdom and also known as Ugra Tara for Buddhist. She is considered as a female Buddha and one of the principal meditational deities of highest Yoga Tantra. Vajrayogini is believed to be one of the wisest and strongest of the goddess who is able to grant the gift of superior enlightenment to anyone she thinks that deserves. She is the female embodiment of the wisdom of the inseparability of great bliss and emptiness.

Vajrayogini is the dakini, the sky dancer dancing free in the vast openness of space (emptiness). Her practices are believed to have many special qualities and quickly bring powerful blessings and accomplishments. And the instructions for her Tantric path were first taught in the Root Tantra of Heruka by Buddha Vajradhara. Although she may be envisioned alone, she is usually in merger (yab-yum) with Heruka. Who when he is united with Vajrayogini is known as Hevajra.


Vajrayogini is usually depicted in a terrifying form, her right leg is outstretched treads on the breast of red kalarati and the left one slightly bent. Her treads indicate that she has destroyed her attachment, hatred, ignorance to show that she is free from the fears of samsara. So it can lead all living beings to the same freedom.  She has a red-colored body which shines with a brilliance like that of a fire at the end of an aeon. It symbolizes the blazing of her inner fire which destroys all delusion.

She has three eyes, representing her ability to see everything in the past, present and future. Her right hand is outstretched pointing downwards, holding a curved knife marked with vajra. It symbolizes her power to cut the continuum of the delusions and obstacles of all living beings. And her left hand held aloft containing a skull cup filled with blood. It represents her experience of the clear light of bliss and her victory over death. She leads her followers to high attainments including the attainment of great bliss by looking up toward the Pure Land of the Dakinis.

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